Your ‘Favorite’ Disney Villains Incredibly Reimagined As Real Life Humans

Ever sit and wonder while watching your favorite Disney movies how terrifying the villains would be in the flesh? Just think of these harrowing green eyes piercing your soul for real…



…OK maybe not. We don’t blame you. However, the immensely talented Finnish artist Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen has made the fictional characters that scared you during childhood a reality. Working for the Oh My Disney blog, Väätäinen has designed some of Disney’s most memorable villains in realistic human form, having already given the Disney Princesses the same treatment. The results are disturbingly realistic. (Is it weird to say some of them are seriously attractive?)


1. Ursula.


2. The Evil Queen from Snow White.


3. Hades.


4. Gaston.


5. Captain Hook.


6. Maleficent.