Your Favorite Disney Characters Are Now Your Favorite Co-Eds!

1. Anna was only too happy to have her older sister Elsa showing her around campus.


2. Bambi needed to cover up after his A&F photo shoot.


3. Gaston and Phil, the college gym teachers, are making sure you’re on your marks. In fairness, who wouldn’t run away from these two.

4. Jasmine is prepared for the student diet with that waistband.


5. The Lady and The Tramp are still getting over not getting those Twilight call backs.


6. Of course Snow White is an Apple geek

8. Tarzan – women just want to tame him and his wild ways.


9. Tiana always has her frog (accessories) with her

10. Still not sure how Quasimodo got the gargoyle through customs


11. Peter Pan actually grew up and went to college.


12. Not really a party girl, Cinderella is always in her dorm before midnight.


13. Let’s hope he’s not majoring in wood shop..