You’ll Never Throw Out A Used Tea Bag Again After Reading These 18 Tricks!

It’s a well known fact that tea is brilliant for your health, vitality and appearance. But it turns out that we are actually wasting half of the benefits of it! With these used tea bag tips, you’ll be amazed no one let you know earlier! But don’t fear, just get to it. You’ll have beautiful skin, hair and a spotless home before you even know it.


1. Make your cookware rust proof.

Simply rub a used tea bag thoroughly over the surface of your pots and pans.

2. Heal like a hero!

Just apply a tea bag as a compress over the injured area for several minutes and promote pronto healing.


3. Cancel out household odors.

You have a LOT of options here. You could pop a dried, used tea bag into the base of your trash can, you could place dried, used tea leaves in kitty litter to cancel out odors. You can even place a used tea bag in an ashtray to take away some of the smoke scent, or you can put some brewed tea bags in the refrigerator and the smell will be neutral and clean. Why not try all of them!

4. Feed your garden right.

Your garden loves tea! Either dig the tea bags into the soil or sprinkle the dried tea leaves over it.


5. Give your pastas and grains a flavor boost.

This is honestly brilliant. As you boil your pasta or grains as usual, add a tea bag and then remove as you drain. If you don’t believe us, imagine these: green tea in rice, chamomile tea in pasta salad and cinnamon tea in oats. Do it your way!


6. Put off household pests.

Place dried tea leaves wherever you store food to help protect the space from invading pests like mice. Mint and cinnamon seem to work best.

7. Treat yourself with a DIY foot soak.

Try to say you aren’t feeling this one!


8. Make your windows insanely clean and clear.

Brew your old tea bags into a strong solution and put within a spray bottle. It works just as well as the expensive chemical sprays at the store.


9. Soothe the burn.

Soak the affected area in a tea soak. This could be concentrated to a burnt area or, if you are suffering from sunburn, take a bath.

10. Ease the awful pain and irritation of razor burn.

Just as tea will soothe the burn of sunburn or from direct exposure, so too will it provide quick relief to razor burn. Place a damp, used tea bag onto the raw area and you will feel relief that spreads over a few minutes. Not only will you feel better, the area will appear healthy and calmed.


11. Get rid of grime.

Similar to how well tea solutions work on windows, they are also incredibly effective at fighting grime. Re-brew your tea and then soak a cloth in it. Squeeze out and get to wiping. Before you know it, you’ll have a grime-free home.


12. Create a drainage plug for potted plants.

Just put one or more used tea bags into the bottom of a pot plant. Simple and effective.

13. Make a herbal hair conditioner.

Simply re-brew tea and allow to cool. After shampooing, work through your hair for luscious locks.


14. Have  a luxurious herbal bath. You deserve it.

Find your favorite flavor and put those used tea bags in the bath. The aromatic quality alone is something special, but your skin will also be replenished and softer than ever.


15. Make your wooden floors absolutely pristine.

Re-brew your tea, about 7 tea bags per gallon of water. The subtle scent far beats the harsh chemical tang of bought solutions.

16. Get rid of poison ivy itch.

When you have been afflicted by poison ivy, brew a strong cup of tea out of several old tea bags. Dip a cotton ball into the cup and then dab at the stinging area. Afterwards, let this dry. Once it has dried, repeat if still sore. Heal!


17. Slice through the grease with little to no effort!

Tea tannins are the worst enemy of grease. After you have finished your tea, throw the bag into the greasy dish. Fill with warm water. Overnight the tea will do it’s work and you will have a clean dish to rinse in the morning.


18. Why not! Get younger-looking eyes.

Put damp tea bags over your eyes for around 15 minutes. The tannins of the tea will be released to rejuvenate skin, while at the same time the caffeine within will energize the area, meaning that dark and puffy skin will be conquered.