You’ll Definitely Laugh (Nervously) At These 20 Inexplicable Watching Faces!

1. This wooden post needs a valium.


2. This little homie does NOT want to be eaten.


3. Could you drive the nail in?

4. The designer of this car was clearly subconsciously influenced by “Scream.”


5. Daft Punk requests plugs like these in all of their hotels.


6. It’s great to love your job, ain’t it, wall support.

7. This oxygen mask is a bit apprehensive about his first kiss with you…


8. Don’t you dare pull that trigger, water hydrant. There is Hope! Choose Life!


9. Bad table manners, vase. You eat like a filthy animal.

10. Yeah bro, this isn’t a Disney movie.


11. The ‘too enthusiastic guy’ who always ends up in the friend zone. Always.


12. Steal this bag and you are actually stealing a demon. Good lucky.


13. This wrench takes opening bolts super personally. He loves it.


14. The apple box is watching you. Sometimes he speaks, very softly, humming “an apple a day keeps me away…”


15. This train from the wrong side of the tracks.

16. People get anxious enough on planes without this armrest. He pretty much takes the ‘rest’ out of armrest.


17. Hoping that whoever designed this iron actually did this intentionally. His smile is infections.


18. Does your charger wink? ‘Das right. Pimping.


19. “My coffee said Yes to me this morning.”


2o. Don’t be angry, Rafiki broom!