You’ll Be Shocked To Learn These 12 Celebrities Used To Be Homeless

1. David Letterman

This late night talk show host is originally from Indiana, and when he decided he wanted to join the entertainment business he moved to L.A. It wasn’t easy to get started though, and he lived out of his pick-up truck as he was finding his feet.


2. Sylvester Stallone

The star of the “Rocky” movies actually got his start in a soft-core porn movie called “The Party At Kitty and Stud’s.” Stallone took the role because he’d been evicted from his apartment, and at the time was sleeping in a New York City bus station.


3. Daniel Craig

Craig struggled to find his feet as an actor in London, and well before he landed his James Bond role, he was sleeping on park benches because he had no money for rent.

4. Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s journey to acting superstardom wasn’t a smooth one. At age 21 she decided to pursue an acting career in Hollywood, so she moved into a homeless shelter in L.A.


5. Shania Twain

This stunning country singer actually came from a rough family background. When she was only 14, Shania’s mother packed up the kids and drove 400 miles to a homeless shelter in Toronto. Shania liked staying in the shelter because for once, she had a guaranteed meal every day.


6. Dr. Phil

Before he was on TV solving everyone else’s problems, Dr. Phil had a few of his own. At one point, he was living in a car with his dad, but they were eventually able to save enough for a $5/week room at the YMCA.

7. Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry started his career as a struggling playwright in Atlanta, Georgia. He spent $12,000 to put on his own play and it totally flopped, leaving him broke and homeless.


8. Carmen Electra

In her early 20s Carmen had a bad run with a boyfriend who stole all her money and left her stranded and homeless in Hollywood.


9. Drew Carey

At age 18 Carey was homeless and trying to make his way from Las Vegas to California. After selling his plasma for money and searching sidewalks for change, he got his big break.

10. Hilary Swank

Swank always knew she wanted to become an actress, and at age 16 she convinced her mother to pack up everything and move her to L.A. With nowhere to stay, Swank and her mom lived out of her car until they saved up enough for an apartment.


11. William Shatner

Shatner ended up homeless after the Star Trek series ended. He’d recently been divorced, had three kids and was completely broke. For a while, he lived out of the back of his truck.


12. Jim Carey

When Jim was 16, he dropped out of school to look after his ill mother. The family lost a lot of money, and ended up living out of the back of their old VW bus.