You Won’t Believe What They Have Used To Create This Art!

Admit it, so far you thought microbiology was boring and bacteria was dangerous. You were wrong! These microbiologists created mind-blowing art pieces made of bacteria.


 1. Starry Nights by Melanie Sullivan.

The combination of proteins, yeast and bacteria made this art work possible. Try not to touch it though.


2. Neurons by Mehmet Berkmen and Maria Penil.

In case you didn’t know, they used Nesterenkonia, Deinococcus and Sphingomonas bacteria.


3. NYC Biome Map by Genspace citizen biotech science lab and Christine Marizzi.

When you think about it, it does make sense. New York City is not only the melting pot of cultures but also of microbes.

4. The Wild Garden of the Gut Bacteria by Nicola Fawcett.

Who would have thought that gut bacteria could look this beautiful.


5. Cell to Cell by Maria Penil.

Bet you are wondering how long it took to create this.


6. Harvest Season by Maria Eugenia Inda.

Harvest season of what exactly, that is the question here. The artist used a certain yeast species to create this beauty.