You Won’t Believe What These Inmates Made In The Confinements Of Prison…Number 9 Is Truly Terrifying!

The most common assumption adolescents believe is that when you’re in prison, you’re kept relatively safe, there is no way prisoners can get their hands on dangerous weapons. There are of course the very simple shanks that most people have knowledge about, these weapons are the most simple of arms and are made of everyday items such as toothbrushes.

There are however those inmates that are incredibly intelligent when it comes to make weapons, check out this list and see for yourself the deadly instruments created by these inmates while they were in prison.

1. Shotgun: May 21, 1984, this was created by two inmates in Celle, Germany, they took a jailer as a hostage and then proceeded to escape by car. The shotgun was created from iron bedposts, and the charge was constructed by using pieces of lead with ‘curtain tape’ and ‘match-heads’-the pair used AA batteries and broken light bulb to operate the weapon.