You Won’t Believe How Lucky These 18 People Are!

1. A whole box of red dots? That’s the dream!


2. Heaven in a little packet!


3. This cheeky kid who lucked out with this piggy back!


4. Three drinks for the price of one!


5. The biggest Cap’n ever!


6. Let’s save you the math… they got two extra!

7. Two packets of ramen flavoring? That’s amazing!


8. That almost never happens!


9. He said I could have one… this is one right?

10. This guy dodged a tetanus shot here!


11. We didn’t know that was even possible!


12. Yep, thats a storm grate, the sewer, and his keys.

13. It’s like the tree knew…


14. How do you make a 24 pack of corona even better? Make it a 25 pack!


15. It’s a delicious rainbow…

16. Screw the bullseye, this is way better!


17. There’s a two-inch line separating a good day and a really, really bad one


18. Triple Pop Tart. Does it get any better than that?