You Can Rejoice That Your Day Is Going Far Better Than These Laughably Unlucky Individuals

1. This guy just having a bit of a nap.


2. This guy who just lost his trust in everything.


3. This horrible, awkward, nightmare situation.

4. Good cop, bad cop.


5. This guy’s about to snap.


6. This show off.

7. This person whose hand sanitizer caused quite an unsanitary situation.


8. This guy who wasn’t expecting this whatsoever.


9. This driver who had no patience.

10. This person who won’t be refreshed just yet.

emgn Crappy Day 10


11. This octopus of a printer.


12. This kid who lost his lollipop.

13. This unfortunate tow truck driver.


14. This guy who owes the gas station an explanation (and a hose).


15. This guy, nonchalantly pointing at the complete disaster he has just caused.