World’s Largest Gannet Colony Make This Rock Their Home… Where 500,000 Seabirds Live

Welcome to the bird of rock or birds on a rock? This remote bass rock is located on the east coast of Scotland will become a home to 150,000 birds as the breading season gets underway.

150,000 would be deemed a lot of birds for one rock but this is minute compared to its peak. At the peak of the season, this rock will be the home to a massive 500,000 seabirds including puffins, kittiwakes, guillemots, razorbills, fulmars, shags and terns.

The rock is classified as a crucial sport for the seabirds and often, they will return to the same mate and nest each year.


Gannets fly around the top of Bass Rock, off the east coast of Scotland, while down below demand for space is so high among the light-coloured birds that the island almost appears to turn white