The World’s 16 Most Delicious Pizza Recipes

For all pizza-lovers: pizza has just become even more delicious.


1. Pizza pinwheels.

Pepperoni pizza rolled up into a delicious pastry.


2. Pizza waffles.

Can’t decide whether to have pizza or waffles? Don’t decide – you can have both.


3. Pepperoni pizza lasagna.

It’ll make you feel like you died and went to pizza heaven.

4. Pepperoni pizza twists.

Twisting your pizza will make it the perfect party finger food.


5. Garlic knot pizza dip.

There is no other dip like this one.


6. Pizza quesadillas.

Perfect finger food.

7. Pepperoni pizza sticks…

… filled with cheese. So much cheeeeese.


8. Tiny cauliflower pizzas.

They don’t only look cute, they’re also insanely tasty and carb free.


9. Pizza pasta salad.

For all the workout-obsessed pizza-lovers out there: this is your chance of having no regrets.

10. Pizza stuffed mushroom.

No more boring mushrooms, please.


11. Mac and cheese pizza.

So satisfying, it’ll finally cure those munchies.


12. Cheese and pepperoni pizza bites.

Once you go there, you can never go back.

13. Pizza muffins.

Why have sweet muffins when this savory option is so much better?


14. Pizza nachos.

Two great dishes combined.


15. Pepperoni pizza potato skins.

Crispy, cheesy and simply delightful!

16. One pot pizza pasta.

Easy to make, delicious, and perfect for every occasion.