A Woman Who Lived To See The Seven Wonders

After falling 50 feet off a mountain cliff, getting hit by a car and being diagnosed with skin cancer all within three weeks, Megan Sullivan thought she was the unluckiest woman on the planet. Instead of dwelling on her misfortune, Meg decided to travel to the new seven wonders of the world. She traveled to 12 countries in 13 days, and had the time of her life. This is her remarkable story.


Starting off her journey she visited the Mayan ruins in Mexico, Chihen Itza.


With her trusty backpack and camera she flew south to Peru and walked for hours to reach the mountain ridge of Machu Picchu.


On day four of her adventure she was soon on a plane heading east to visit Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

On day six she arrived half way across the world and saw the Colosseum in Italy, Rome.


Flying to Jordan, Megan visited Petra, the city carved out of stone and often referred to as “The Rose City” and fifth wonder of the world.


On the 11th day Megan reached the iconic Taj Mahal in India. She had seen six of the seven wonders in a week and a half.

Finally, on day 12 of her epic adventure she reached the Wall of China. She posted her story online and said: “This year I took a chance and I will continue taking chances to experience the greatest adventure of all: my life.”