We’ve Found The Lost Boys – And They Grew Up After-all!

1. Rufio (Dante Basco)

Dante Basco is still acting, but has has most success doing voices for the Disney series American Dragon: Jake Long.


2. Ace (Jasen Fisher)


Jasen Fischer didn’t do any other acting after hook, just completed his schooling at William Fremd High School and dropped off the map.

3. Don’t Ask (James Madio)

James, now 39, continued acting and has appeared alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.


4. Pockets (Isaiah Robinson)

Isaiah now focusses on singing, and works with the Chicago Children’s Chior.

5. Thud Butt (Rushan Hammond)

Rushan has experimented with all parts of the movie process, writing, directing and starring in his own low-budget movie.


6. Too Small (Thomas Tulak)


Thomas is now a YouTube star and you can check out his channel here. His video ‘the importance of dental hygiene’ is particularly good.

7. Maggie (Amber Scott)

Amber didn’t pursue acting after her role in Hook, but she’s recently graduated from Trinity College in Connecticut.


8. Jack (Charlie Korsmo)

Charlie gave up acting and studied physics at MIT, then law at Yale. He worked for the Republican Party in the House of Representatives and is now a Law professor in Ohio, and prefers to be called ‘Charles’


9. Young Wendy (Gwyneth Paltrow)


Alright, we all know where she is now, but seriously, did you realise she played Wendy?