Two Bartenders Stared At Scarlett Johansson And It Got Turned Into Photoshop Gold!

In pop culture news, Scarlett Johansson sipped champagne and all the bartenders stared at her while she did it. Needless to say, someone submitted it to Photoshop Battles on Reddit, and everyone went nuts making the photo even more outrageous than it already was. It’s happened to Patrick Stewart, Miss USA 2015, and this girl who just wanted a bigger fish. It was only a matter of time before it happened to ScarJo too.


1. The original.


2. Sadness.


3. Thud.

4. So. Many. Bartenders.


5. Five drinks down…


6. Scar’s trip.


7. Black Widow turns heads.


8. The best Avengers promo.


9. Cute.

10. They’ll always have that one night.


11. Shia strikes again.


12. It’s getting political.

13. She still doesn’t seem to be enjoying it.