Turn Those Trash Bags Into A Halloween Decorating Nightmare

Have you run out of ideas for Halloween decorations this fall? Well trash bags are here to save the day. With a little morbid creativity, you can create the creepiest decorations that will make the neighbors question your mental state. Especially with idea #6.


1. Obviously someone didn’t try and hide the body.

With a garbage bag, string and news paper, you can mold and manipulate a lovely trash bag corpse. Mortifying.


2. Just like snow flakes at Christmas.

Perfect or tattered black cobwebs will give your house that feeling of impending doom without the threat of a giant spider lurking about to devour a small child. All you need is a black trash bag and scissors.

3. A meeting of spirits.

Just find five or six evenly cut sticks, attach a cardboard box to the top of it and rap a white trash bag over it. For some reason when ghosts gather in a circle it is utterly unsettling.


4. Take the trash out…but leave it on the porch.

For the orange trash heads all you need to use is a black vivid to create whatever scary face you want. Stuff the bag with newspaper and shape it until it resembles a pumpkin. To create the black curtains you may need a little more time but it will be worth it.

5. Wreath Witherspoon or with a black black trash tie.

Patience is key for this wreath or you can simply use the black tie on an old Halloween decoration.


6. Again with the dancing spirits.

It looks like children dancing around a fire but it is really spirits plotting to scare the bejesus out of those door-knocking kids.


7. Flying ghost.

Coat hangers and a good gust of wind will make a ghost fly around your yard all night.

8. Giant Spider.

Arachnophobia at it’s finest. If this giant tarantula doesn’t scare the children, nothing will.


9. Bat attack.

Bats flying from the corner of a dark rooms will be cause nightmares, which is exactly what you want at Halloween.