A Top 10 Of Seth Rogen’s Best Tweets

Pick a celebrity friend. Any friend. Is it Seth Rogen? No? You picked wrong. Seth Rogen tops the list of best celebrities on Twitter (Anna Kendrick and James Blunt are definitely up there too), because the man says what’s on his mind, and the world needs more of that. No star, public figure or politician is too big to get a piece of Seth Rogen’s mind – and it’s great. Here’s a countdown of all the best times Seth said exactly what was on everyone’s mind.


10. When he made a pothead joke to/about Miley Cyrus.


9. That time he wanted to do something nice for his friend Sacha Baron Cohen but offended a whole bunch of other people while doing it.


8. The time he teamed up with Tyler, the Creator to troll a reality-tv doctor.

7. That time he told Nancy Grace what he thought of her.


6. The time he vented about the current gluten-free-dairy-free-Whole-Foods culture.


5. The time he said American Sniper kind of reminded him of the movie they play in Inglorious Bastards and he got flak for supposedly comparing an American war movie with Nazi propaganda.

4. The other time he took on that reality TV doctor.


3. The time he told the world how he really felt about Justin Bieber.


2. That time Drake trolled him and he had the best comeback.

1. The time he pointed out that Donald Trump was misinforming the world.