The Threat Of Gum Disease Will Make You Floss

“Have you brushed your teeth yet?” It’s a sentence uttered by your parents almost every day of your childhood. After reading these horror effects from bad oral care you will understand why they yelled at you everyday. Gum disease is not just devastating for your oral health, it can affect your whole system and expose it to other terrible diseases. Brusha, brusha, brusha.


1. Developing gum disease.

Almost half of American’s suffer from gingivitis. It can start off as bleeding and redness in the gums, but if left untreated, gingivitis can turn into gum disease. Severe gum disease can lead the gums actually pulling away from the teeth.


2. Developing cavities.

If you skip brushing your teeth and especially flossing, then little pieces of food will remain in your mouth. The bacteria will then attack the teeth itself causing cavities.

3. Halitosis.

Ain’t nobody got time for halitosis. Neglecting your teeth and gums can lead to bad breath and bad breath just makes people socially awkward around you.

4. Pneumonia.

Bacteria left in the mouth can be inhaled and cause problems in the lungs, such as pneumonia. Bad oral health can weaken the immune system very quickly.


5. It can lead to pregnancy complications.

Mothers with bad oral care and gum disease risk having underweight babies and passing the disease on.

6. Impotency.

Periodontists is a swelling of the gums that leads to bleeding. Scientists have linked periodontists to erectile dysfunction.


7. It can worsen the effects of Alzheimer’s

Studies showed that people suffering from Alzheimer’s have a direct link to bad oral care. People suffering from Alzheimer’s lost their memory six times faster if they had gum disease.


8. It can lead to mouth cancer.

Nowadays everything can lead to cancer so don’t let this freak you out completely. However, studies have shown that not taking care of your oral hygiene can lead to cancerous cells growing in your mouth.

9. It can lead to HPV.

The holes that form in your mouth from bacteria can lead to other diseases like HPV.


10. Kidney disease.

Statistics show that people with gum disease are 4.5 times likely to have kidney disease and people with no teeth at all are 11 times likely to get some sort of kidney disorder. This shows a direct link to oral care and kidney function.


11. Brain abscess.

Severe gingivitis can lead to abscesses in the brain. Infections can travel anywhere in the body and infections from gum disease don’t have to travel far to get to the brain.

12. Diabetes.

Research has shown that when people who have diabetes receive treatment for gum disease, their diabetes improves.