This Makeup Magician Is Transforming Herself Into Your Favorite Celebs!

This is one multi-talented woman! Meet singer/songwriter and professional makeup artist Rebecca Swift who is deservedly blowing up on the web. Why? Well, primarily for the startling celebrity transformations she undertakes with the aid of her makeup skills! Currently residing in South Dakota, Rebecca is undertaking a 100 day makeup challenge on Instagram.


Here is Rebecca without makeup, now look at all the transformations she has already posted on Instagram!

1. Johnny Depp.

Swift talked recently to The Huffington Post and revealed that she first got involved with makeup artistry after being at Omaha Fashion Week. She was hooked.


2. Anna Kendrick.

She’s quite clearly a fast learner, and even from looking at her Instagram one can see her refining her technique. Although, it’s a bit scary as to just how good she might get!


3. Zooey Deschanel.

She’s as fast as she is prolific, saying that “on average, I’d say it takes around 30-45 minutes [to complete the looks].” She’s quickly developing a wide range of characters.

4. Sofia Vergara.

Her range of portrayals is decidedly impressive. She is the first to admit that there is still a little room for improvement, saying “I know that the looks aren’t perfect.” But somehow, we’re OK with that. It’s nice to see she’s not too precious about it and we can see a little of her personality shining through.

4. Hermione Granger (Emma Watson).

But perhaps she is a perfectionist after all, declaring her ambitions for improvement: “The style is really theatrical and I don’t spend a ton of time on blending. I want to work on that in the future.”


5. Gollum.

In the meantime, her goal is to get through the Instagram challenge, connect with people, and most importantly, have fun.


6. Donald Trump.

We didn’t think this one was possible! An admirable job though, isn’t it? At least the wig would have been easy!

7. Ryan Gosling.

“Hey girl, check out my make up. It’s made of boyfriend material.”