This ‘Kids Are The Worst!’ Instagram Account Shows Parenting At Its Nastiest

The social media revolution has done something awesome – it’s given fed-up parents a place to vent. Sure, you could vent to your fellow parents over coffee, but on the internet you’re guaranteed to find someone that’s had a worse time than you, which is nice. The ‘Kids Are The Worst’ Instagram is just that – a place for parents to post their darkest parenting moments.


1. When your kid brings out their inner Picasso.


2. …Or their inner demon.


3. When your kid decides peanut butter makes a great face mask.

4. When your kid does something and you can totally understand the urge, but it’s still embarrassing.


5. When your kid rearranges the kitchen.


6. When your kid gets stuck, then screams at you like its your fault.

7. When your kid decides that those eggs don’t deserve to be whole.


8. When your kids do this and you have no water, no towels, and a freshly cleaned car between you and the hose at home.

9. When your kid tries to be sneaky.

10. When your kid decides life would be better covered in butter.


11. When your kid comes up with the perfect way to get out of brushing their teeth.


12. When you kid wriggles out of their cast so they can play in the pool.