This Incredible Dad Creates Awesome Custom Eye Patches For His Daughter Every Single Day!

The beautiful Layla was born with a small cataract which causes the vision in her right eye to cloud. So that her eye can develop properly she wears a patch over her ‘good eye’ for 2 hours a day. Doing this, especially at an early age prevents the lazy eye disorder (ambylopia) which happens when the vision in one eye doesn’t fully develop during your childhood.
It’s not as easy as it looks as Layla can get pretty irritated whenever she’s wearing the patch, so her Dad came up with an awesome way to make her feel (and look!) much better. Each day he decorates her patches and the results are awesome!

1. Apple of his eye


2. Leonardo and the boys have nothing on Layla!

EMGN Custom Child Eye Patches 2


3. Googley eyes, are the only eyes.

4. Channeling her inner arachnid


5. Watch out, she’s about to start Prattkeeping!


6. Hanging with Hobbs

7. Even Wrestlers have tough days sometimes


8. She’s as surprised as you are to see little Babs!


9. Stars in your eyes is for the weak

10. Just Grooving with the Guardians


11. She’ll be going Back to The Future with stronger eyes!


12. Happy New Year!

13. No phone = No emojis? Not for Layla


14. Maggie sharing some strength


15. The World is hers

16. Little Princess Layla


17. She’s got all the wisdom she’ll ever need


18. Isn’t she precious…