This Guy Made A Million Dollars While Travelling To Every Country On The Planet

Few of us ever really get to live out our wildest dreams. We end up settling in to dead-end jobs and never fulfilling our life goals. One guy turned the tables on the ordinary life deciding to raise his middle finger to ‘the man’ even though he was making good money. Instead of being unhappy he decided to travel the world while making serious bank at the same time.


Meet Johnny Ward, a 31-year-old business owner from Ireland who loves to travel.


You are going to be legitimately jealous of Johnny’s lifestyle. This guy has decided to visit every country in the world while earning $1000 a day.


Born in to a poor family, he eventually ended up working in sales in Australia. He was making a cool $20,000 a month in commission but decided that he hated the work.

What he really wanted was to be free. He didn’t want to ask for time off work and wasn’t a huge fan of authority either so he quit.


What happened next is truly inspiring. Johnny decided to head off to the 2010 Soccer World Cup in Africa and at the same time he began writing a travel blog documenting his experiences. He was given $80 to advertise on the site and he saw an opportunity to make some big money.


He set up his own media company called Step4Ward media which provides web services like creating content and managing SEO.

His company now makes him $1,000 per day and a total of $1 million in revenue so far.


Since he works from his laptop whenever he chooses, he can travel the world and have a huge variety of unique experiences while he is running an extremely lucrative business.


He has currently visited 153 out of 193 countries in his mission to visit every corner of the earth.

Johnny has a piece of advice for people wanting to live their dreams: “never give up, never settle and keep your eyes on the prize”. Follow Johnny’s Instagram account onestep4ward to keep up to date with his latest adventures.