This Guy Fell Asleep At Work And His Hilarious Co-workers Took Him To Magical Places

This guy fell asleep at work after staying up all night to watch the NBA. His coworkers took a photo, because he looked too adorable and they wanted to capture the moment. Just joking. They wanted to troll him.
So they got to work on photoshop, and here’s where he ended up.


1. Having the dreamiest sleep ever!


2. Still having the dreamiest sleep ever, but now Kim Jong-Un’s watching.


3. He’s Venus being birthed.

4. In the lap of luxury

5. He’s going to the carnival

6. Gettin’ down in da club

7. He’s going to the Olympics!


8. He’s being photoshopped like one of Jack’s french girls.


9. He’s sleeping like a princess

10. Taking a nap without Friends


11. He’s getting tied down

12. He looks so peaceful…

13. He’s found a comfy-looking stoop


14. He’s about to get mounted


15. The dwarves are looking out for him now

16. He’s taking on the world’s best break dancers


17. He’s getting spiritual


18. He’s napping through his last supper

19. He’s thrilling