This Guy Brightens Up Seattle’s Rainy Days With Street Art Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

Peregrin Church describes himself as someone who makes things that make the world a more interesting place.


And one of those things is Rainworks:¬†pieces of street art that only show up when they’re wet.


One day he stumbled across a video of people spraying themselves with a substance that repelled water. People could pour red wine all over a white suit and it just ran right off.

He started to wonder what he could create with this stuff.


He decided to load up a spray bottle and spray stencils onto the Seattle pavement. When it rained, the sprayed areas stay dry and contrast with the wet pavement.

Peregrin’s first project was this stencil, saying “Stay Dry Out There”.

And this is the finished project!

Each stencil will last about 4 months, until the water-repelling substance wears off.

Seattle is the perfect place for this kind of art, because it’s famous for being such a rainy city.

Peregrin’s making the most of Seattle’s wet climate, and likes creating pieces of art that poke fun at the rain.

He says ” It’s going to rain anyway, why not do something cool with it?”


So far, he’s created about 25 pieces of art, and hopes to make more in the future!

Check out this cool video of Peregrin doing his thing:

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