This Grieving Dad’s Heroic Journey With His Faithful Pooch Will Inspire You To Hit The Road

What do you do when you lose your only son and your mother? There is no right answer, but we might take inspiration from the incredible tale of 67 year old Ara Gureghian. You won’t believe his story. Or you wouldn’t, except that he’s got plenty of proof.

Ten years ago Gureghian, a trained chef, found himself “unable to cope”. He felt like giving up. But instead he got himself a motorcycle and sidecar, and took to the American road.

It is the next part of the story that makes it all so absolutely special. Gureghian would meet the friend who would save his life. And that is only the beginning of the story.

Gureghian decided to make his dream of owning a dog come true. An underdog himself, he went to the animal shelter. It was meant to be, Gureghian says of that fateful day: “I found Spirit at the shelter [when he was] one day away from euthanasia. We looked at each other and we both knew.” They understood each other. Spirit had been badly abused and Gureghian had nearly lost hope.

But that would all change once they hit the open road. In 10 years, they have covered 300, 000 miles. Safe and proud in his sidecar, Spirit is decked out in full riding gear with goggles, helmet and leathers.

”He has become my life. I know vice versa is also true. We are one now.”

The now free-spirited pair are true adventurers, facing snow, storm and sun alike in their bike-and-sidecar. They are always on the hunt for an unusual route and an unforgettable view to share.

Gureghian has captured much of his unique and delightful experience on camera, along with his daily journal writing. He now encourages others to write down their thoughts, believing that we become better people through sharing. The pair have made many friends on the road, but it is the internet that gives Gureghian the most support.

Over 5 million people have visited Gureghian’s website ( and he is looking to include an edited version of his ongoing experiences into a coffee-book he has poetically called “Hues of my Vision”.

Gureghian sums it up: “There are many sunrises, sunsets, nature, moon rises and other dogs we meet. Out of the ordinary, scenes [occur] that touch my heart. With each photo I have inserted a map with icons and arrows showing where the photo was taken and a quote per photo.”

The tale teaches us the lesson that it is never to late to discover hope and happiness, and that joy can arrive in unexpected and miraculous ways. It is the Spirit of friendship that frees us.