This Eye-Catching Makeup Will Turn Heads This Halloween

Can’t be bothered with a whole body costume? Why not just concentrate on creating beautiful art on your face while rocking an LBD.


1. Bats.

Get your Bruce Wayne on with this stunning design.


2. Syringe.

Forget the sexy nurse outfit, just say it with your eyes.


3. The Night Sky.

Embrace your brows with this graveyard look.

4. Undead.

A black lens will up the ante in this black vine masterpiece.


5. Simple and stunning.

Keep it simple using traditional Halloween colors.


6. Beetlejuice.

Hey-oh, this sexy look is bound to turn heads, just don’t say it three times…

7. Time for a tea party.

Don’t be late for this important date.


8. The Riddler.

No question of how good you’ll look with this on your face.


9. Maleficent.

Mirror mirror on the wall says you are the fairest of them all.

10. Frozen.

Sisters show their different sides.


11. Ghost under the bed.

Keep your eyes open to keep her safe.


12. The Nightmare Before Christmas.

It’s not Halloween without Sally.