This DIY Jedi Turned A Normal Van Into R2-D2!

Yep, it’s a Star Wars R2-D2 themed Volkswagen Bus. How jealous are we right now?


So jealous! César Aguzzoli started with this. A beige 1992 Volkswagen Camper. After a Star Wars marathon with his friends, he was inspired to transform it.


The 26-year-old Brazilian spent over 50 yours designing the vinyl wrap that would cover the bus, but it didn’t turn out how he initially intended.

In the beginning he and his friends had imagined ‘unwrapping’ the cylinder that in R2-D2, and just applying that pattern to the bus.


They found, however, that the pattern didn’t translate well, so “we chose the hard way and decided to re-imagine and recreate the layout specifically to fit the van,” Aguzzoli explains.


And it worked perfectly!


Each of the pieces had to be painstakingly attached to the van with a heat gun.


But it’s all worth it now that the van is ready to hit the road!

It’s the perfect vehicle for a budding Jedi.