This Couple Made An Incredible Discovery While Renovating Their Home

Chiver and Chivette Eddie and Angie are a young couple from Phoenix, Arizona who recently discovered something very unusual when they were renovating their little fixer-upper…or did they…


When the couple first moved into the home they found a safe code in their medicine cabinet. They decided to keep it just in case, which turned out to be a smart move.


After five or six different attempts at cracking the safe it finally opened, and what they found inside made the renovations all worth it.


The couple stared in disbelief at the large wads of cash tied up at the bottom of the safe.

A previous owner’s rainy day stash had just turned into an incredibly rewarding experience for the young couple. They counted the money and discovered that they were now the proud owners of $51,080 in cold hard cash.


The old owner had also kindly left behind a bottle of James E. Pepper for the couple to celebrate with.


The seal on the bourbon was still unbroken and apparently after a quick internet search, the couple discovered that this bourbon was about as rare as it gets.

This book was the real mystery. It contained a series of clues on pages 1, 7, 11 and 14.


There was a personal message to some guy called Alan, telling him to read certain passages of the book that were underlined.


Inside the book was what appears to be a map, with an x that presumably marks the spot of some treasure…

…and this underlined message which seems to allude to the fact that there may be things to be found on a map.


There was another message that continues to suggest there might be something very “fruitful” to be found at the location of an old picture.


This riddle seems to suggest that the treasure might lay beneath this tree on the left. The couple have not, as yet, discovered the location in the picture.


An old BINGO card was their final clue which the couple suggested might be highlighting a three digit code for another safe.

The couple have not decided how they will use the money, but a holiday somewhere nice and warm might be on the cards, unless ‘Alan’ the intended recipient comes forward to claim his cash!


EDIT: Since this story came out Eddie and Angie have admitted the whole thing was an elaborate hoax! They explained in detail how and why they pulled it off in a follow up article on The Chive.