This Bodypaint Artist Beautifully Disguises His Models As Animals, Flowers and Fruit, They’ll Make You Double Take!

Johannes Stötter is an outstanding artist from Italy, who creates stunning visual illusions using the human body as his canvas.


In 2012, he was the winner of the World Bodypainting Contest, unsurprisingly.


Inspired by nature, he turns his models into animals, plants, fruits and flowers – and blends them in with their surroundings.

“I think I observe the world, nature, colors and shapes with very clear eyes and an open heart. And painting is my big passion.”

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The work certainly makes you double take – the models are almost completely hidden.

emgn body illusions 1



He knows how to visualize the body in different ways, and materialize his visions with impeccable detail and intricacy.

emgn body illusions 2



He can obscure or hide features if need be, and likewise can incorporate and emphasise certain parts to achieve his desired effect.

emgn body illusions 3




“Bodypainting is special because the artwork is alive and can move.”


“While a canvas painting lasts forever, a bodypainting exists only for a few hours.”

“The skin is very different to canvas – it is alive, it is soft and warm, it is a very comfortable base to paint on.”


“In bodypainting you create unity between an image and a person.”


But it doesn’t happen quickly: each painting requires about 5 months of planning and 8 hours of work.


This video gives insight into the incredible undertaking and how it all pieces together:

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”71799″]


And this one, for the work that put Stötter on the map in 2013:

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