This Body Artist Transforms People Into Amazing Super Heroes And Villains

Jody Steel sounds like the name of an action hero, but instead of being one herself, Jody transforms other people into their favorite heroes or villains. She chooses not to paint her subject’s entire body in makeup, alternatively, she makes it appear as if the costume is bursting out from beneath their skin. Take a look at her amazing creations as she garners more and more Facebook followers by the minute.


Jody Steel is a 21-year-old artist living in Los Angeles and she has over 500,000 followers on Facebook after posting pictures of her body art designs.

Steel separates herself from other artists by making the hero or villain appear as if they are trapped under the subjects skin.


Each design takes around 45 minutes to draw and she has garnered a huge audience for her time lapse videos.

Her Batman design has been viewed over 21 million times on Facebook.


Jody constantly reads her comments and tries to cater to her audience.  “The best way to get started is to find meaningful collaborations and listen to the fans, I try and take their advice as often as possible, and make what they want to see,” she said.

As well as transforming other people, Jody often practices on herself.

Having started simply drawing on her friends in high school, her work is now showcased all over the world. She is sure to be in hot demand this Halloween.