This Artist Transforms Himself Into Incredible 2D Comic Book Characters

Argenis Pinal is an artist who specializes in comic book themed art. He has been getting a lot of buzz recently due to his incredible body paint creations that turn normal, everyday people into incredibly realistic comic book heroes and villains. Here are 18 of Pinal’s creations that you will have to see to believe.


This is Argenis Pinal before the transformation begins…


1. Comic Book Guy.


2. Rogue.

3. Cyborg Superman.


4. The White Queen.


5. Starfire.

6. Two-Face Spiderman


7. Aquaman.


8. Zomberine.

9. Harley Quinn.


10. Teen Joker.


11. Magneta.

12. Female Joker.


13. Two-Face Joker.


14. Day of the Dead.

15. Wonder Woman.


16. How the Joker was created.


17. The real Two-Face.