These Undeniable Facts In The Form Of Delightful Charts Will Brighten Your Day

1. Just your standard pie chart.


2. Well done, America!


3. Sad truths about lines.


4. Cat logic.


5. Definitely not a coincidence.


6. Typical W, always trying to stand out from the pack.


7. The most important workplace rule to follow.


8. So frustrating.


9. Can’t get more accurate than this!


10. This is why Americans tend to ignore Europe.


11. The US according to Yahoo!’s autocomplete.


12. All you need to know.



13. Australia as according to a Brit.


14. Meth labs.


15. The cold hard truth.


16. So long as ice cream’s okay…


17. Sick days.


18. Boom!

19. Every time.


20. Insightful.


21. More beard stats.


22. Who uses paperclips to hold paper?!


23. Porn in Japan.


24. Guys.

25. The panic.


26. Reasons to like France.


27. A venn diagram venn diagram!