These Knock-out Disney Comebacks Will Having You Calling The Burns Unit!

1. Tell’m Anna *Mic Drop*


2. The backhanded compliment


3. Cause Disney knows not everyone looks like Cinderella

4. Text book ‘Evil-Step-Mom’ joke


5. The ‘always appropriate’ insult


6. The Ancient Chinese origins of the ‘Yo Momma’

7. ‘Don’t hate the Playa, hate the game’ – Kuzco


8. Classic Godly Banter


9. Add a British Accent and a bucket-load of sarcasm and this is your ultimate comeback

10. Shut down for anyone fishing for compliments


11. Keep this one in the back pocket for everyday use.


12. She got you there Sebastian.

13. How most people feel 99.9% of the time in Walmart.

14. Ooooh guuuuurl!


15. From “Best Burns for Boyfriends”

16. How you feel when an elderly relative asks for help ‘doing a Facebook’


17. Life lessons #1 – 10


18. For the slow ones of the group…

19. Yet Belle still chose a ‘Beast’ over you?




21. The ultimate ‘call someones bluff’ move

22. Hades – dropping truth bombs since Ancient Greece


23. Delivered with the directness obtained from years of space travel


24. That cuts, real deep.


25. The ‘shut down’ that’s practically perfect in every way