These Girls Are About To Become A Part Of The Most Insanely Terrifying Prank We’ve Ever Seen!

Two passers by notice a young girl, bare foot and in a night gown, crying along at night.

Good Samaratan Prank1

They are naturally concerned for the girl and begin to approach her

Good Samaratan Prank2

One lady looks to acknowledge the girl, asking if she is alright… What greeted her left her fearing her life.

Good Samaratan Prank3

Good Samaratan Prank4

The girl jumps up and runs after the two people trying to help her, screaming and yelling!

Good Samaratan Prank5

It was all part of an elaborate prank! Designed to scar local good Samaritans.

Good Samaratan Prank6

The girl resets her pose for the next ‘victim’

Good Samaratan Prank7

Time and time again she attracts the attention of people looking to help.

Good Samaratan Prank8

Number 3

Good Samaratan Prank9

Number 4

Good Samaratan Prank10

You can be certain that these people will think twice before looking to help someone in trouble again!

Good Samaratan Prank11