These Disney Princesses Want You To Know What They Think About #KylieJennerChallenge

In the most ridiculous celebrity imitation trend we’ve seen in yonks, thousands of people have tried to give themselves Kylie Jenner lips. Check out all the disastrous results here. Basically, the whole thing involves sucking your lips into the mouth of a bottle until they swell up and go red (and, might we add, hurt like crazy!) The results varied. Some people looked like they had huge swollen lips…


… and some looked like they’d had the world’s most sucky make-out session.

The Instagram user Saint Hoax wondered why? Why must girls feel the need to mutilate themselves in the name of beauty? What are we doing to counter this? So she made a series of PSAs speaking out against the brutal #KylieJennerChallenge, featuring the most influential women on the planet… Disney Princesses.


1. Cry For Help Cinderella

2. Pained Princess Jasmine


3. Aching Ariel


They want to tell us “Violence comes in many forms. Self-mutilation is one of them.”

Kylie herself has defended her role in this crazy challenge.

She just wants all of us to not be afraid to experiment with how we look… but maybe do it with clever make-up this time girls, leave the bottles in the kitchen.