These Beautiful Photos Present Bugs and Insects Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

I have always been a curious person, and as a child I spent most of the time with my nose inches above the ground tracking and observing little insects and animals. Their miniature world always fascinated me.

Nadav Bagim shot these amazing photos in a miniature studio in his kitchen. He didn’t manipulate or photoshop the photos in any way, instead opting to use a simple low-tech approach using artificial lighting and household objects, from vegetables and colored plastic bags to a water spray bottle. None of the insects were harmed, in fact they were rewarded with sugar cubes!


1. Moonriver


2. Sunrise Friends


3. Red Planet Evolution 

(In case you were wondering – yes – that’s broccoli)

4. Down The Rabbit Hole 


5. Life Inside A Snow-Globe 

emgn insect 9


6. Narcissus

7. Swirly


8. Tickle Me 

emgn insect 6petapixel


9. The Emperor 

10. Smile Like You Mean It

emgn insect 4walltowatch


11. The Celestial Conductor 

emgn insect 3lenscanvas

(Lemon leaf as the backdrop)

12. Wonderland 

emgn insect 2walltowatch


13. Make Slime Not War 

emgn insect 12photo