These Awesome Paintings Have Decked The Streets Of London In An Effort To #SaveTheBees

“I don’t like being called a street artist. I hate that phrase.”


“In fact, it’s stereotypes in general I have serious issues with. I try to help people break these down in my work, both in what I paint and where I paint it.”

Louis Masai has spent years researching and raising awareness towards colony collapse disorder; a phenomenon wherein worker bees from European honey bee colonies abruptly disappear.

This issue is becoming increasingly threatening in the United Kingdom, which is why Masai felt the need to take action.


“I recently asked myself, why would busy people care about something that doesn’t affect them on a day-to-day basis?”

“In Britain there is a tendency to associate conservation with Zoology. The language used can turn people off.”

He and fellow artist Jim Vision decided to have murals done and spread the message in this way to help attract people.


He held a ‘Save the Bees Family Day’ to gain support. “On that day we were going to celebrate the fact that we had painted all those pieces and we were going to collect together a bunch of people whose livelihoods depend on bees.”  

“There are so many products out there for which bees are essential and it was great to have people [there] like Hiver beer, Dead Gents clothing and Inkkas to broaden peoples’ horizons.”


On the day, they also handed out wildflower seeds which they received from Thompson and Morgans. The seeds can be planted to provide a better environment for bees to flourish – which makes a massive difference.


This is just one aspect of a much larger impending environmental crisis that Masai hopes to bring light to. He will showcase his work on a range of endangered species and environmental issues at a free exhibition, Batteries Not Included by Louis Masai, from 30th April to 29th May at Lollipop Gallery in Shoreditch, London.


Check out more of his work and information on the cause at his official website.

When We Go We’re Taking You With Us – Louis Masai from Emil walker on Vimeo.