These Awesome Cleaning Hacks Will Make Your Life So Much Easier!

1. Use lemon and kosher salt to thoroughly clean wooden cutting boards

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 1Pillsbury

2. Clean cookie sheets with a paste mixture of 1/4 cup baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 2One Good Thing By Jillee

3. To clean a shower head, wrap it with a plastic bag filled with white vinegar

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 3A Real-Life Housewife

4. To clean your mattress first vacuum it to get rid of crumbs then sprinkle it with baking soda to cover the mattress’ entire top. After letting it sit for a few hours, vacuum away the baking soda.

SONY DSCLife in Ryans’

5. To clean a cheese grater, shred a potato after using it. The oxalic acid in the potato will remove the gunk and residue with ease. Don’t worry, the potato won’t go to waste cause you can use it for hash browns!

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 5Rachel vs. Ramen

6. Filling a bowl with vinegar and water and microwave it for about two minute, will clean your microwave!

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 6DIY Maniacs

7. Dishwasher = Toy washer!

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 7 Brady Lou Project Guru

8. You can clean your coffee maker by filling the water chamber with half-water, half-vinegar. Run it on a half-brew cycle and make it sit for an hour. After the hour is up, let it finish the brew cycle. Empty the coffee pot and run fresh water cycles repetitively until you can’t smell the vinegar anymore.

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 8the kitchn

9. An old sock dipped in a water-vinegar mixture can be used to clean blinds

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 9Keep Home Simple

10. Scrub cast iron pans with a coarse salt-water mixture to remove those stubborn food residue. Thoroughly dry it afterwards and before storage, apply a thin coat of oil.

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 10 the kitchn

11. Use half of a bagel to clean your paintings! So simple!

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 11 The Brick House

12. Rinse your blender out and fill it up with hot water. Add in a little dishwashing soap and give it a whirl. Rinse it again and you’re left with a sparkling clean blender!

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 12Pretty Prudent

13. To clean your toothbrush, fill up a clean glass with white vinegar and leave your tooth brush in this glass. Leave this for a few hours and rinse your toothbrush afterwards.

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 13Livestrong

14. Make a “wonder” paste of a mixture of water and baking soda then spread this all over your oven. Allow this to sit overnight and use a wet rag to wipe this mixture off. The next step is to spray some vinegar on the inside of the oven and wipe this down with a wet rag. The last step is to turn the oven on for 20 minutes (on low) to dry it up.

EMGN Cleaning Made Easy Hacks 14 Enlightened Consciousness