These 26 Witty Church Signs Will Have You Questioning Your Faith.

1. Come on in!


2. Not love?


3. We’ve all been there…

4. Shortcut to Heaven.


5. This might be misleading…


6. That’s a bit personal…

7. Metaphorically speaking, of course.


8. Some healthy advice.


9. But not as easy to spell as Festivus.

10. Spreading the word of life.


11. It’s a tough life for Joseph.


12. Worries and the church are a killer combo.

13. That’s not what my spam folder tells me!


14. It’s what God wants.


15. May as well just kick it.

16. So true.

17. If only kneelers were more common outside of church.



19. Friendship.


20. Let loose.

21. It may be best to have two separate signs…

22. Hot.


23. Clean your bible!

24. Unless there’s no room in the inn.


25. Thanks for the heads up.


26. Do you really want to know?