These 25 Ninja Cats Have Mastered The Art Of ‘Hide And Seek’

If you can’t find you cat maybe you need to try looking in some of these sneaky locations…


1. In your ventilation ducting.


2. Behind your kitchen cupboards.


3. On top of them…

4. Or in them!


5. Under the couch – Classic!


6. Inside your beer case.

7. Inside your shoe boxes.


8. Hiding in your floral arrangements.


9. Lounging in your water cans.

10. Under your pillow.


11. Or inside your pillow!


12. Imagine finding this in your pool table…

13. “Be the plant”


14. No one ever thinks to look INSIDE the couch.


15. Or the leather recliner.

16. That’s how it’s done!


17. Under your bedroom dresser.


18. Inside your gym bag.

19. Inside your bread box.


20. Lurking at the back of your wardrobe.


21. Be sure to always check your cereal box…

22. And paper towel packets.


23. The Christmas tree is a classic hiding place during the holiday season.

EMGN - Ninja Cats 23


24. Peak-a-boo!


25. Finally – Always check under your floor boards!