These 25 Hilariously Tired Animals Who Can Fall Asleep No Matter What They’re Doing!

1. Hopped right into bed.


2. Really, buddy? In your food bowl?!


3. Okay. You just wanted to go viral, didn’t ya?!

4. This looks like some kind of religious thing.


5. You are not going to wake up with a sore neck, man. No way.


6. Do birds snore?

7. This kind of makes sense. It’s not going to be a solution for long, though!


8. “This happens EVERY time he touches that demon liquor.”


9. Working with gravity.

10. How? Why?


12. There is no way that anybody is going to move you to use their shoe. One of the benefits of being SO DAMN CUTE.


13. We know exactly how you feel, bro!




15. Getting old be tough, yo.

16. Fuhgettaboutit.


17. Plankin.


18. “Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me.”

19. Growing lives.


20. You know exactly how cute you are, little thing.


21. Dance the way you feel.

22. “Yes I can pancake.”


23. All Grinches out there, take a look at this.


24. Working three jobs will do this to ya.


25. He was just going to open the door when THE TIREDNESS hit.