These 25 Forever Alone Winter Houses Have Become One With Mother Nature!

1. White Winter Wonderland

2. A beautiful Winter Sunrise (Norway)

3. A Colorful Winter’s Night (Finland)

4. A cute house hidden in a snowy forest

5. The Snowy Alps

6. A snow-covered house (Lapland, Finland)

7. A Red House (Norway)

8. This hidden house in a white forest

9. House on a hill (Tirol, Austria)

10. Lakeside house (Stokholm, Sweden)

11. A warm cabin (Bergsdalen Mountains, Norway)

12. A yellow house in a winter forest

13. Here we have a red house (Tromso, Norway)

14. A house overlooking the Dents Du Midi (The Swiss Alps)

15. A house surrounded by snow (Öxnadalur, Iceland)

16. A cabin in the woods during winter

17. Deserted Cabin (Iceland)

18. Another isolated red house (Norway)

19. A house on the Karkonosze mountains (Poland)

20. My Painted Lady

21. A lonely hunting lodge (Hills of Dolomites, Italy)

22. A small cabin (West Iceland)

23. A Ghost House (Bergen, Norway)

24. A house covered in snow (Bieszczady, Poland)

25. A cute little hut (Cigota)