These 22 Sunburned People Will Make You Fear The Sun! Ouch!

 1. Couple sunburn. They look so unhappy!

2. Croc burns are simply not cool

3. The foot wear must have been interesting

4. Back tie burn

5. Old lady burn

6. Nice mates

7. At least he’s asleep

8. Dorky farmers tan

9. Tank top burn

10. Rashy burn

11. Cereal bowl burn (?!). This would take some explaining…

12. He shouldn’t have fallen asleep…

13. Bikini tan

14. This guy may deserve his goggle tan…

15. Full body nerd burn

16. Ouch!

17. At least he can get some sleep!

18. This guy will regret his decision in a few hours…

19. Smile, you’re a burnt face!

20. This doesn’t look as comfortable as he seems

20. This is already peeling… ouuuuch

21. Your friends may be the ones that suck more

22. This tan line is so random