These 21 Normal People Look EXACTLY Like The World’s Biggest Celebrities. Crazy!

1. Left: White Drake.


2. Andrew Lincoln (“Walking Dead”) has a living gym teacher walking around who looks an awful lot like him.


3. Emma Watson. Who is the real deal? Insane, isn’t it?!

4. These two should meet if they want to have the ultimate Taylor Lautner looking child.


5. Ed Sheeran. Extremely sure the kid on the left claims this one all day long. He’s taking singing lessons at the moment.


6. James Franco. Seriously!  What’s the bet he didn’t have that goatee before JF was rocking one? Or the girlfriend.

7. Harry Styles. Lucky boy.


8. Taylor Swift. Hopefully Katy Perry doesn’t run into her doppelganger!


9. Josh Hutcherson. The other guy just wasn’t as hungry as Josh.

10. Julia Stiles. Beautiful!


11. Mathew Perry. Wonder if they’re friends?


12. Jason Alexander. Don’t know if she’d be a fan of this…

13. Imagine the jokes this guy gets on behalf of looking like Hugh Laurie’s genius doctor character “House M.D”.


14. Adam Devine. I hope this kid isn’t a “Workaholic.” He’s a little young.


15. Bet he’s given up and just signs Jason Segel fan signatures these days.

16. Scarlett Johansson. Well, if you’ve gotta look like somebody…


17. People think that Buschemi has a completely unique face. Apart from this guy.

18. Michael Fassbender’s doppelganger ain’t too bad looking himself!


19. Yeah. Freaky. The girl on the left is going beyond chanelling Aubrey Plaza. She’s method acting her.


20. Former late show Host Craig Ferguson actually met this guy on the right and had a big old laugh.


21. Won’t the real Colin Firth please stand up. Show your Oscar as proof.