These 21 Epic Pranks Blow All Others Out Of The Water!

1. This gift wrap


2. This very weird flavor combo prank


3. This very evil plan

4. This ‘aquarium’ of a prank


5. This prank that ‘burns’!


6. This TV show idea prank

7. This prank that teaches you not to trust anyone…especially family!


8. This very ‘cheesy’ plan


9. This emotionally traumatic prank

10. This ball-mixer of a prank


11. This prank that just ‘slides off’…


12. This ‘le-a-go-ny’ prank

13. This very ‘chewy’ plan


14. This very claw-ful idea


15. This ‘saucy’ prank

16. You’re so gonna have a ‘ball’ with this gift prank


17. Even Jon Snow would be disappointed with this prank


18. This very ‘professional’ baseball prank


19. This classic prank done in epic proportions…


20. This ‘McVeggies’ prank