These 21 Beauties Prove Sleeves Aren’t Just For The Boys

When a sleeve is done right, it can be stunning on both men and women. Be inspired by some of the most lovely and delicate sleeves on women that won’t destroy your parents’ souls.


1. Black birds and berries.


2. Fallen flower leaves.


3. Travel the world with me.


4. The entire solar system.


5. The delicate geometric look.



6. Delightful daisies.


7. Somewhere beyond the sea.


8. Flowers in shade.



9. Perfect Peacocks.


10. Black and white roses.


11. Growing vines in spring.


12. Light from lightening.

13. Musical magic.


14. Mandala (The Universe).




15. Puzzled flowers.

15. Goddess.


16. Stunning symmetry.


17. Incredible colored floral.

18. Nature bride.


19. A permanent corsage.


20. Beautifully blooming.

21. Honeycomb.