These 21 Amazing Examples Show That Street Art Takes Serious Talent And Inspiration

 1. “Peek-a-boo” said the giant to you as you walked home after one too many.


2. Sideshow Bob is the main attraction.


3. If you are the graffiti remover who kills this lovely little lake of joy, you need to do some soul searching ASAP.

4. They do say that hair keeps growing after death. Oh Jimi. You’re not forgotten. In fact, it’s likely you would approve.


5. Hobbies are important. Cute little critter.


6. Well, from the smiles they seem to be enoying it. it would nice to think this was high above a busy street.

7. This cutie sees the wallflowers for what they are: special, brave and original.


8. Cheer up!


9. Sometimes when you are a little green, hated monster slug, a flower just makes you feel a little better.

10. Yeah Calvin & Hobbes!


11. Get the look. Freshen that fro.


12. Perfect.

13. Advertising for The Pineapple Express.


14. This artist makes the world smile.


15. He blinked, once.

16. Be green!


17. Smile like you mean it.


18. Nickolodeon.

19. Big night.


20. Wiz Khalifa’s leafy diva.


21. This graff artist gets up early.