These 20 Movies Are Celebrating Their 20th Birthday In 2015!

1. Billy Madison (February 10th, 1995)

It’s been 20 years, but Adam Sandler hasn’t grown up at all.


2. Clueless (February 16th, 1995)

The fashion might have changed a little, but a movie like clueless never goes out of style.


3. Bad Boys (April 7th, 1995)

Seriously, whatcha gonna do?

4. Die Hard With A Vengeance (May 15th, 1995)

John McClane will always have a place in our hearts.


5. Braveheart (May 19th, 1995)

“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!”


6. Casper (May 26th, 1995)

Still our favourite Christina Ricci movie to date.

7. Batman Forever (June 16th, 1995)

Bring back Val Kilmer!


8. Apollo 13 (June 30th, 1995)

20 years, and Apollo 13 is still brilliant!


9. Pocahontas (June 23rd, 1995)

This one makes me feel old…

10. Waterworld (July 28th, 1995)

A post-apolcalyptic movie about life after polar ice caps have completely melted? Maybe we should revisit this one for tips!


11. Babe (August 4th, 1995)

One of the great children’s classics, ever. That’ll do, pig, that’ll do.

12. Mortal Combat (August 18th, 1995)

It’s true, nothing in the pre-1995 world had prepared us for the greatness of Mortal Kombat.

13. Desperado (August 25th, 1995)

That guitar case full of guns is still EPIC.


14. Seven (September 22, 1995)

Even after 20 years, Brad Pitt still wants to know what’s in the box.


15. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (November 10th, 1995)

Oh Jim, that hair…

16. Casino (November 16th, 1995)

Sharon Stone got both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award as Best Actress for Casino. Impressive!


17. Golden Eye (November 17th, 1995)

My first ever bond film! (Well, on VHS, probably about 10 years later. Mum would never let a 5 year old see a bond movie)


18. Toy Story (November 22nd, 1995)

This was the first movie I ever went to! My dreams were haunted by that spider baby mutant doll, I couldn’t sleep for weeks!

19. Heat (November 22nd, 1995)

More Val Kilmer. 1995 was great.


20. Jumanji (December 15th, 1995)

To this day, Jumanji is still too scary to watch at night.