These 20 Intriguing Photos Remind Us That We Live In A Fascinating World

1. This woman dispensed “wet goods” during the prohibition!

2. An NYPD cop plays games with kids in Harlem, 1978.

3. In the 1920s the “Woman With Ten Brains”, Thea Alba, wrote different things with both hands, both feet and her mouth!

4. In what might be the most badass moment in human history, Bruce McCandless makes the first untethered free flight in space.

5. A young attorney, Mahatma Gandhi.

6. In 1909 the first pig ever took flight! And he looks stoked about it!

7. The world’s largest flower, the corpse flower, smells eerily like rotting flesh.

8. This cheeky turtle is hitchhiking a ride on a jellyfish.

9. Aurora Borealis, seen from Iceland.

10. President Obama sitting for his presidential portrait, which will be the first ever in 3D.

11. A human brain, on the right, and a much larger dolphin’s brain on the left.

12.¬†Corpral Antonio Metruccio’s face after a 72 hour long firefight.

13. Solar material bursts off the sun’s atmosphere.

14. The Statue of Liberty straight after construction, in France.

15. An early diver standing next to his 250 kg (550 lb) suit in 1911.

16. Onlookers watching the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 1944.

17. The open mouth of a whale shark underneath a fishing boat in Indonesia.

18. The Earth as seen from Mars!

19. Severely contaminated water gives China’s ‘River of Blood’ its red appearance.

20. This giant hole had just mysteriously opened up when it was found by reindeer herders.