These 18 Boxer Dog Moments Will ‘Knock You Out’ With Their Paw-someness!

1. When this pup stuck it’s tongue out in subtle perfection

 2. When this pug was ‘all smiles’

3. When this pug had to go to the vet

4. When this doggy fell in love with the trampoline


5. When this pup was enjoying Winter more than anyone ever had


6. When this guy ‘didn’t know’ what happened to the couch

7. When this very special dog had so much fun under the sun


8. When this dog’s face had “I love you!’ written all over it


9. When these pups had their first family portrait

10. When you see that this puppy ‘wears his heart’ on his nose

11. When this pup didn’t want to have a shower

12. When this little one had it very rough

13. When this doggy became too addicted to ‘Portal’

14. When these puppies tried to escape bath-time and failed!

15. When these doggies’ love lasts a lifetime

16. When this cutie forgot that he wasn’t a puppy anymore


17. When this pup was all set to rob the ‘Doggy Treats Bank’

18. When this Boxer became a ‘Boxer’