These 18 Amusingly Awkward News Broadcasts Will Make You Cringe!

1. Everyday I’m shuffling!


2. Spider Man to the rescue…Not!


3. That smile though…Very creepy!


4. Nice “slide-shot” bro!


5. Even the plastic bag wanted him to shut up


6. I guess whatever was in that guy’s ear tastes good…


7. I feel sorry for that tread mill


8. This guy who dropped his iPhone 6


9. The guy in the background thinks that he has the chops to be a secret agent


10. I guess it was pretty slippery there…


11. That’s what you call “Face Plant: News Edition”


12. Let me just roll away from the screen really slow


13. Now you see me, now you don’t!


14. This is why you don’t bring your kids to work!


15. Look where you’re walking bro!


16. Ok, I better walk back in now!


17. Here we see some ninja action!


18. This cop knows how to “Freeze”